Area of Concentration

Animal Production: Improvement of the productive processes of several domestic and wild captive-bred species in the Amazon region


Research Lines:

Aquatic Ecology and Aquaculture:

Management, ecology and aquaculture of Amazónian ecosystems and aquatic resources. The focus is broad and with interfaces between basic and applied science.


Research Lines:

Animal Nutrition, Forage Farming and Livestock Systems Management:

Evaluation of animal feed. Study of alternative sources of production feed and wild feed. Study of feed evaluation techniques. Study of nutritional requirements of domestic and wild production animals. Development of studies in pastures cultivated with forages of tropical climate managed under continuous or rotational stocking, aiming to evaluate the following variables: Structural turf characteristics; Chemical composition of plants; Ingestive behavior of grazing animals; Individual weight gain; Gain by area; Stocking Rate and Economic Analysis. Development of studies with grazing cattle / buffalo supplementation strategies. Development of studies with sugarcane as feed for cattle / buffaloes seeking to evaluate the following variables: Nutritional value, Animal metabolism; Ingestive Behavior and Economic Analysis.


Research Lines:

Animal Reproduction, Breeding and Conservation:

Reproductive physiology and pathophysiology, andrology, gynecology and obstetrics. Development of breeding biotechniques of domestic and wild animals, aiming at reproductive efficiency and conservation of genetic resources of domestic and wild production animals. Development and adaptation of methodologies and programs of genetic evaluation. Knowledge of the population from the genetic point of view. Estimation of basic parameters for breeding and conservation of animal genetic resources.


Research Lines:

Animal Health:

Research diagnostic methods and carry out epidemiological studies on the different infectious and parasitic diseases that affect domestic and wild animals, seeking to implement control and prophylaxis measures. To study the epidemiology, clinicopathological picture, pathogenesis and control measures of toxic, deficient and metabolic diseases of domestic and wild animals.