The Animal Science Graduate Program of the Federal University of Pará is characterized by presenting a set of disciplines that provide students with a theoretical and practical basis, enabling them to apply the knowledge acquired in the regional advancement of animal production. Directing the course's research lines to nutrition, biotechnology, grassland, genetic resource conservation, reproduction, animal health, cattle breeding, buffalo culture, wildlife, aquatic ecology and aquaculture. Within this context, the objective of the Program is to qualify professionals involved with animal production, especially veterinary doctors, agronomists, zootechnists, oceanographers, biologists and related areas, aiming at meeting the demand of professors and / or researchers from universities, municipal, state institutions. , federal and private incitement that are aware of the need to develop rational production methods, considering the environmental characteristics of the Amazon.
The Animal Science Graduate Program was structured in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary manner, which allows to bring together professionals (faculty and students) from different institutions, such as the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA), the Federal Rural University of Amazónia (UFRA) and the Mamirauá Institute for Sustainable Development (ISDM), which have as their common objectives animal production and sustainable development of the Amazónian human communities. In CAPES’ last triennial evaluation, for the period 2007-2009, the Program maintained concept four. This was the result of the commitment of Professors and Students, and the scientific maturity of the Program over the last years. The program started the Master’s level in 1999 with CAPES / MEC, having approved its PhD proposal with the agency in 2008, with the beginning of the first class in 2009, which will certainly contribute to the formation of regional critical mass.


  • Deputy Coordinator: Grazielle Fernanda Evangelista Gomes, PhD.
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  • Secretary:  José Ribamar Llaves Ferreira - Fone 0XX91-3311-4703
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